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In honor of its 150th anniversary, government officials and Lincoln scholars will come together at President Lincoln's Cottage to present new insights into the Emancipation Proclamation.  This free panel presentation, open to the public and produced in partnership by President Lincoln's Cottage and the United States Commission on Civil Rights, will feature Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, Professor Spencer Crew, Professor Allen Guelzo, and Professor Lucas Morel.


Where to Get Help

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DBH contracts with community based providers to provide mental health services and supports. You can contact a provider of your choice directly or call the Access Helpline for assistance. DBH certifies each provider to ensure conformity to federal and District regulations and monitors quality of care.

Help for Stressful Economic Times

Depression and anxiety are normal reactions to abnormal times or stress. With increased concerns about losing jobs, homes and savings, more people are showing signs of psychological distress. It’s important for us all to learn to recognize the symptoms of depression so we can get help for ourselves or for others when it’s needed.

I Am the Difference
Sometimes we just need someone
to listen to our problems to feel better.

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