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Speaker Bureau Topic Descriptions

Preventing Youth Violence

Violence and injury disproportionately affects adolescents and young adults in the United States. The DOH violence prevention program focuses on a host of strategies and unique approaches to reach individuals in need. Sessions are structured around reducing risk factors while promoting positive behaviors to ensure young people “do the right thing”.  By working directly with adolescents in large and small groups structure the program address both the systemic and practical issues related to violence in our communities.                                                                                                 

Teen Tobacco Prevention

Adolescents are often pressured to smoke even if they may not want to. The DOH Teen Tobacco Prevention program provides youth with a comprehensive review of the effects of tobacco use while encouraging them to remain true to their own desires not to engage in experimentation with tobacco. The strategies used area based on innovative emerging interventions that have been assessed for efficacy.                                                                                              

Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Alcohol and drug use among adolescents contributes to a host of high risk behaviors including:  injuries, participation in criminal behaviors, truancy and/or dropping out of school, teen pregnancy, violence, gang involvement, suicide, depression, and many other social problems. The DOH program focuses on the development of important personal and social skills and it involves both parents and youth in an effort to address factors that have been shown to improve adolescent social competencies as well as their ability to avoid/resist use. The workshop will also cover topics that range from why teens use drugs, the impact of drugs on brain development and costs to society.                                                                                                                        

Teen Pregnancy

The overall consequences of unintended teen pregnancy can often lead to negative outcomes both for the teen mother and their child. DOH is committed to addressing the problem of teen pregnancy by providing both males and females with access to comprehensive, age-appropriate individual, small and large group workshops to build their knowledge and to develop skills.                                                                                                 

Sexual  Health and Sexually Transmitted  Infections

Because teens are more at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) it's important for them to learn what they should do to protect themselves. The DOH Sexual Wellness program provides structured sessions including one-on-one and group discussion for students and parents on the facts about wellness, safety, behaviors, and adolescent development. Additionally, during these sessions the facilitator reviews information on the ramifications of poor choices and the impact of sexual wellness including the potential for an STI, pregnancy etc.                                                                                                                                                 

Nutritional Facts

In this workshop students will learn how to determine which nutrients your body needs and whether your body can handle an overload of fatty foods, sugar and lack of water.  Facilitators will provide dietary guidelines to help students make healthy food choices that will help them grow and develop well while preventing diseases associated with being overweight or obese.  Additionally, the workshop will provide discussions of strategies that are grounded in a clear understanding of the effects of culture, education, poverty, rural, urban-suburban and behavioral settings.

Oral Health Education

These educational sessions provide actual demonstrations of good oral health practices including teaching and reviewing techniques to achieve  good dental and gum health.

Parental Guidance

Parents are the greatest influence on the lives of their children, and  we understand the important role parents/guardians play in the life of their child, as such DOH offers a host of age specific informational sessions about childhood development, safety and other related health and wellness issues. The sessions can be arranged at anytime that the school is having events for parents and families.

Males Only

The “Males Only” session is gender specific and facilitated by male staff, who addresses crucial issues affecting adolescent males.  The primary focus of each session is on reducing misinformation and the consequences of irresponsible behavior.

Adolescents and the Internet

This workshop will explore the internet use by adolescents, including: email, chat room, and social networking. We will also examine the implications of interactive communication technologies for health services and for adolescents’ and young adults’ use of the web for health information.