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Bulletin ID: No. 23 - Revised Supplemental Training Requirement for CBI Providers Level II and III

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Revised from original date of publication February 5, 2007


All CBI Level II and III providers are expected to meet the minimum training requirements established by the Department of Mental Health (DMH) as set forth in 22A DCMR §3422. Each CBI Level II and III provider must adhere to the Intensive Home and Community Based Services (IHCBS) definition and Training Curriculum adopted by DMH. 

The IHCBS requires intensive, time-limited mental health service for those severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families, to be provided in the home, school and community where the youth lives. The goal of IHCBS is to safely maintain the youth in the least restrictive and most normative environment. IHCBS may include a range of mental health and supportive services with the main focus to ameliorate the youth’s mental health issues and strengthen the family structures and supports. The focus of IHCBS is to partner with families and work from a strength based approach to engage and empower families to self-sufficiency. Services must be delivered in the home and community, be available 24 hours per day seven days per week, with flexible scheduling.

DMH will offer four booster trainings for agencies currently certified to provide CBI services beginning October 30, 2009 and ending December 15, 2009. DMH will also offer five initial trainings for agencies seeking CBI certification. The initial trainings are tentatively scheduled to begin in February 2010. Additional information regarding the initial trainings will be provided at a later date. CBI providers will also benefit from ongoing, weekly telephonic consultation on CBI fidelity and clinical models. 

The training requirement can be met by demonstrating that staff have completed the DMH approved IHCBS Training Curriculum, through attendance at DMH sponsored trainings for CBI Levels II and III.

Demonstration of Staff Completion of Approved Training Curriculum

For agencies currently providing CBI:
Staff currently providing CBI Levels II and III services should complete the DMH sponsored booster trainings in the IHCBS Training Curriculum.

For providers who do not currently provide CBI:
Child and youth providers seeking CBI certification should complete the initial trainings either before or shortly after sending an application to DMH for certification. All staff hired after certification must complete training in the DMH approved IHCBS Training Curriculum within sixty days (60) of DMH CBI certification. CBI Clinical Managers and Supervisors are able to provide internal training to staff using the DMH approved IHCBS Training Curriculum.   

Staff Attrition 
Each new staff on the CBI team must complete the DMH approved IHCBS training within 30 days of hire. Training should be provided by the CBI Clinical Manager or Supervisor using the DMH approved IHCBS Training Curriculum. If trained staff members leave the CBI team, at a minimum the Clinical Manager or Supervisor must meet the training requirements and be able to demonstrate how each new individual on the team will be trained in accordance with IHCBS Training Curriculum. If the Clinical Manager leaves the team, the individual replacing them must have completed the IHCBS Training Curriculum within the first thirty (30) day of employment. 

If you have questions regarding the DMH approved IHCBS Training Curriculum, please contact Jacqueline Lipscomb, CBI Coordinator, (202) 673-3449 or Jacqueline.Lipscomb@dc.gov