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Bulletin ID: No. 59 - Provider Responsibility for Level of Care Utilization (Locus Calocus) Evaluations

Monday, April 12, 2010

This is a reminder that all consumers enrolled in a CSA and engaged in active treatment shall have their level of functioning and service intensity needs assessed initially, at specified routine intervals, and at other time times when in crises and/or level of care change is required to ensure services delivered are individualized, clinically appropriate, and least restrictive the consumer.  The Department of Mental Health uses the LOCUS/CALOCUS tool in a computerized environment to perform these evaluations electronically.

Please refer to DMH Policy 300.1 Level of Care Utilization system (Locus/Calocus) Evaluations which can be located on the DMH website at www.dmh.dc.gov under Policies and Procedures.  Please direct your attention to Section 6 of this policy which outlines specific procedures to be followed by Core Service Agencies and Sub/Specialty Providers. Adherence to this policy is not an option.

It is further noted in Section 7b that the DMH Office of Accountability shall monitor the evaluation process to ensure the evaluations are accurately completed on a timely basis in compliance with the policy.

If you have questions regarding this bulletin please contact your agency’s assigned Provider Relations Specialist.