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Bulletin ID: No. 61 - Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medications: A Best Practice of Treatment of Psychosis

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When many of our patients stop taking prescribed antipsychotic medications, relapse soon follows and hospitalization is required.  Long acting antipsychotic medications often are useful because a constant daily dose is released over the month and relapse is prevented. 

Our public mental health system under uses long acting medications and prescribers are encouraged to consider use of long acting injectable antipsychotic medications for patients who do not reliably take oral medications.

Haldol and Prolixin deconoates have been used for many years, often with very good results.  Two new long acting medications are now available:  Resperidol Consta and Invega Sustenna.  These are both atypical antipsychotics medications that do not have some of the side effects of Haldol and Prolixin. 

Consta and Sustenna are available through most Medicare Part D programs, managed care organizations and now through DC Medicaid.  DC Medicaid requires a prior authorization, which is available at www.dcpbm.com; the PA form is on the left side of the website.

The pharmaceutical company has several programs to provide these medications to uninsured patients.  Samples are available for providers and programs to assist patients are available through Gail Godek, RN, Area Business Specialist, for Janssen.  She can be reached at 703-625-9383 or ggodek@its.jnj.com or 703-625-9383.

We do not anticipate that the DMH pharmacy will dispense these medications because they are available through other plans.  If you have any questions, please direct them to Steve Steury, M.D., DMH Chief Clinical Officer at steven.steury@dc.gov or 202-673-1939.