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Bulletin ID: No. 64 - Update: Multi-Systemic Therapy Provider as Clinical Home

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MST service providers are able to function as temporary clinical homes for youth that:

  1. MST is approved as the primary service, and
  2. Are not active with a Core Services Agency (CSA). 

Care coordination is integrated into the MST model by definition and proven by research as being integral to treatment success. As a result, MST providers are well-qualified to be a point of entry for youth not already in the MHRS system or not actively involved with a CSA. The expectation of MST providers as clinical homes is to provide comprehensive care for the duration of MST treatment.  Upon discharge, in the event that continued care is needed, youth will be linked to a CSA. During MST treatment, MST providers will manage the authorization process, the treatment planning process, and IPC development. These processes are clarified below.  MST service provider is interchangeable with “CSA” in the following examples:

  • 3404 Authorizations and Re-Authorization of MHRS
    • 3404.2 For services requiring either prior authorization or re-authorization under 3424, the CSA shall submit an authorization plan request to DMH for review and approval.
    • 3404.3 Upon receiving the authorization plan request, DMH shall determine whether MHRS are medically necessary and issue a service authorization decision to the CSA.
  • 3407 Treatment Planning Process
    • 3407.1 Each CSA shall coordinate the treatment planning process for its enrolled consumers, except that the treatment planning process for consumers authorized to receive:
      • (a) CBI shall be coordinated by the consumer’s CBI provider; an
      • (b) ACT services shall be coordinated by the consumer’s ACT Provider.
  • 3408 IRP/IPC Development and Implementation
    • 3408.2 The IRP/IPC shall serve as certification that the MHRS are medically necessary as indicated by the approving practitioner’s signature on the initial and subsequent IRP/IPC. The approving practitioner’s approval of an IRP/IPC shall occur by the fourth visit or within thirty (30) calendar days after the consumer enrolls with the CSA, whichever occurs first.
    • 3408.3 Each CSA shall develop and maintain a complete and current IRP/IPC for each enrolled consumer.