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Bulletin ID: No. 86 - Medicaid Realignment Recoupment of Payment

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This Bulletin serves as official notification that the Department of Mental Health will begin recouping claims payments that were initially paid out of local dollars and after realignment those same claims were paid to providers by Medicaid;  thereby, resulting in a double payment.

The recoupment will occur on a regular basis as funds have been identified to be paid by the Department of Health Care Finance that have been paid out of local funds and continue until a provider’s financial obligation has been satisfied. The amount being recouped will be placed in the “Reconciliation Folder” in the provider’s claims download folder the week that recoupment occurs.

If you have questions regarding this process please contact Mrs. Venida Hamilton at 202-671-3155 or venida.hamilton@dc.gov.